What do I do with business cards??

Tips for Organizing Business Cards and Following Up with Contacts

What do I do with Business Cards?

Tips for Organizing Business Cards and Following Up with Contacts

You may have noticed from my social media posts that I attend A LOT of networking events. As the owner of a marketing agency, I know the value of paid advertising done correctly. But I also know that nothing can beat the value of a face-to-face connection.

So let’s say you’re at an event and you’re killin’ it: you set a personal goal for yourself to meet XX number of people and hand out XX number of business cards and you receive XX number of cards back. Nice. But now what??

I make sure to contact every person within a week of the event- usually just a quick email. In the subject line, I say something like “Nice to meet you at XX” so they know I’m not a complete stranger. In the body, make sure you customize your message. Don’t just copy and paste – people can tell…
If you had a particularly great connection with this person and maybe even discussed meeting with them soon, follow through! Invite them to lunch or another similar event you’re planning to attend.

I always write on the back of the business cards I receive (or on a sticker attached if necessary). I put the event/place we met, date, and sometimes a specific topic we discussed because:
a) I have a horrible memory and it helps me remember these things
b) It’s fun looking back at the cards to see how and where I met my acquaintances who then became my friends

Whether you use a business card app like ABBYY, or you’re old school like me, find a way to get organized so you don’t lose your hard work and connections. I have this handy dandy business card organizer that I store all of my contacts in, alphabetized by company.

Hope this helps! Kill it at your next event. 


Speaking of events, click the link below for a calendar of local networking events for entrepreneurs!

Bonus: Tips for Attending Networking Events as an Entrepreneur

  • Bring a buddy or wingman. They can make you more comfortable and can help talk up your business.
  • Dress professionally. As the saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression.
  • Listen and engage. Don’t just think about what you are going to say next. Engage in actual conversation.
  • Follow up! Those business cards you gathered aren’t helping anyone from the trash or your back pocket. Send a quick email to the people you met after the event. Be genuine, not salesy.
  • Lastly, use the business card tips above to get organized.!