Helpful Time-Saving Apps for Small Businesses

Save Time & Stay Organized

Helpful Time-Saving Apps for Small Businesses

Save Time & Stay Organized

Who should use these apps?

These apps are perfect for freelancers and small businesses alike.

I wanted to pass along some companies that have helped me save time and stay organized as I started my business. Before starting my business, I spent hours upon hours researching online, testing via free trials, and comparing pricing. I hope to save you the research time, save you from countless marketing emails from signing up for trials, and save you from tracking down pricing.

From one business owner to another, good luck! I know how difficult it can be when you’re just starting out, but hopefully these apps can give you a great start. Combined with Ment, you will be ready to hit the ground running! 😉

Do you get paid for promoting these apps?

If you purchase through the links below, I do get compensation or discounts from some of the apps. And in some cases, you do too! (Gusto gives you a $100 amazon gift card for signing up!)

But honestly, I didn’t even discover the various referral programs until I put together this list to help my clients (and website visitors). Now I’d encourage you to start a referral page on your own websites too!


A project and task management system. It helped me organize all of my thoughts in one program. You can separate business and personal boards, then separate those boards into projects, then separate those projects into tasks. You can also add attachments, color-coded tags, and comments. When you’re ready to grow your business, you can even share certain boards with team members and assign tasks to them. One of the coolest features is that you and your team can automatically clock in and out of tasks as you work on them. This is very helpful for me as an agency owner so that I can always ensure I am billing my clients accurately and ensure we are using our time wisely.

Free forever plan with unlimited almost-everything. You can also upgrade the admin on the account for more features starting at $99/admin/year with unlimited team members. This pricing completely blows alot of the project/task management programs out of the water because you don’t have to pay for each team member, just admins. I chose to pay so that i could receive reports of my team’s time clocks. 


An HR and payroll system. After working for myself for years, Ment is the first time I had to learn about HR, benefits, payroll, compliance, taxes, etc. What was originally very overwhelming became so easy with Gusto. I just had to type in my employees’ basic information, and they sent every document needed for onboarding to their email. The employees then fill out everything online in the cloud and I just have to worry about reviewing and clicking the payroll button when it’s time. Plus, Gusto can integrate with Freshbooks!

Starts at $39/month + $6/month/person. If you compare to other HR software, this price is very cheap, and the features are equal or better. 


A cloud-based accounting system similar to Quickbooks, but more intuitive, and with a fun, simple interface. Freshbooks is the complete accounting package for small business owners. It tracks expenses synced directly from your business bank account. You can attach receipts, create invoices and estimates, accept payments online, and create amazing concise reports. Plus, Freshbooks can integrate with Gusto!

Starts at $15/month.

Mile IQ

Milage tracking app. I don’t know about you, but I hated tracking my milage throughout the year manually. This app uses sensors in your phone to automatically detect driving. After your drive, it notifies you, and you simply swipe left for personal trips or right for business trips. Nice! Then when it’s tax time, you know exactly how many miles you can deduct. And don’t forget you can also deduct your subscription to Mile IQ!

Free for up to 40 drives/month. Then starts at $4.99/month

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